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 Celebrate POP Preferential Option Poor

Today the only economists who know how to end poverty live with the poorest

Before 1945 most economists (like Keynes -read conclusion to General Teory) saw their main job as ending poverty

What changed? mass tv broadcasting - it was: the least economic media ever, the one most designed to trap local people in poverty,

it soon took over most of the economics profession with a new breed of macroeconomists who were not only experts

(on hire to politicians and the most speculative or debt trapping of big banking) .

Thus macroecomists are experts in compunding not only poverty but also expert in destroying sustainaibilty of next generation livelihoods. just look at what metrics tey use,and ow tey reward themselves

POP GOES ECONOMICS- IF 2015 is to live up to UN year of getting back to sustainability orbits for all millennials 

Lets get back to designing meedia and economics around communities- starting with last mile markets 


Twitter MyunusLab - Youth Capitalism Road to Atlanta Nov 2015 - Youth's 10 most collaborative gdoc 10  9  8  7  6  5  4 3 2 1 . Last calls for Sustainability's Rising Expoentials #2015now #2018now #2025now #2030now 
relay ponts Cape Town Oct 2014; GA Sept2013 - and why not your twin future capital of youth
- queries Washington DC 1 301 881 1655 Norman Macrae Foundation for The Economist's Mediation of Youth Capitalism and NETGEN's Open Education Curriculum of Entrepreneurial Revolution since 1972

Nobel Laureate Acceptance Speech 2006

We Create What We Want.
We wanted to go to the moon, so we went there. 
We achieve what we want to achieve. 
We accept that poverty is part of human destiny. It’s not!
We believe we can create a poverty-free world. 
We need to invent ways to change our perspective.
We can reconfigure our world if we can reconfigure our mindset. . 
Social business will be a new kind of business, making a difference in the world.
Human beings are a wonderful creation embodied with limitless human qualities and capabilities. 
Entrepreneurs are not one-dimensional human beings, dedicated to maximizing profit. 
They are multi-dimensional: political, emotional, social, spiritual, environmental.
The desire to do great things for the world can be a powerful driving force
Young people dream about creating a perfect world of their own.
Social business will give them a challenge to make a difference by using their creative talent. 
Let us join hands to unleash our energy and creativity. 
Collectively, we can create a poverty-free world.” 
Source : 


Road to Atlanta Questions from 25000 youth live (millons virtually)

To Billionnaires- is your Giving syetem-designed to be bottom-up or top-down?

Download georgiaread.pdf    Download  atlantanutrition.pdf  georgiapaper.docx 

student winners during first USA year of Pro=Youth Economist DR Yunus



macroeconomics has lost touch with humanity let alone global vilage sustainability - how could usa and europe have got in situation of disinvesting in youth's opportunity to be 10 times more productive with all the collaboration tech of the knowledge economy juts because old politicians and macroeconomists have wasted investment in the past



we love to hear from anyone mediating new economics


eg we maintain  is creating a virtual catalogue of cases "The New Economist"

Adam Smith scholars our of Glasgow University are launching the Journal of New Economics Foundation Norman Macrae, The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant and founder of Entrepreneurial Revolution Networks since 1976  

pro-youth summits we look forward to meeting New Economist at

america's largest student business competition april 19-21 atlanta

the 3000 person annual millennium goal summit out of paris out of paris - next in September

chris macrae (face) writes 1976 was a vintage year for microeconomists - dad and The Economist published the first of his trilogy on Entrepreneurial Revolution - in search of the missing micro system of 10 times more economic community exchanges or 100 times more economic than the macroeconomic chicanery wall street 00s compounded -if there is any reasonable purpose to Goldman Sachs existing please do tell us at ;it seems rather more anti social to all entrepreneurs that we know than Andersen was

and Muhammad Yunus began the Grameen Microcredit Project. During micro system design YunusBook tour 1 in February 2008, the two met up at the Royal Automiobile Club and challenged 30 Londoners to get micro   (DanCom  GI GD) so that the 2010s could be the most joyous decade -special thanks in London as always on community building process and hosting events are due to London Leader and SB anchor lady and 2012 sustainability goals linksperson Sofia Bustamante


macroeconomics biggest mistake - sustainability exponentials and trilliondolaraudit - system errrors spun since 1976
facebook : ; phone washington DC 301 881 1655 ; You; email info; associated webs Yunus : diary book2 book1 dvd10000 birthday GG ; family foundation isabellawm- main investment LondonCreativeLabs -the leading big capitals Job Creation Social Business, led by SB; catalysing change in universities YunusUni ObamaUni MandelaUni

primer on human element

This site  The Web 

history's future -2010s most exciting 1  2  3 decade - FrenchYouth rediscover E-word what sustainability link next rsvp info ; Spain takes up worldwide relay as epicentre of microeconomics dialogue april 2010 to november 2011; youth DC 10/11 so much of yes we can depends on ye


London-Paris-Dhaka-www Diary entry march2010

thanks AL @ RSA

Friends of Youth Capitalism look forward to meeting you and sharing what we have understood dr yunus wants from our 3 years of research with 2000 bookclub and 10000 dvds of his innovations for sustainable communities; there are so many of your speakers events that seem to be progressing the same system transformation - so that society's compound value multiplers can be fully appreciated by free markets and business leaders  

sofia also hosted his 69th birthday dialogue which is where he told us that he aims to swarm all sustainability leaders and jam all netizens into london at time of the olympics to celebrate sustainability entrepreneurs

.2010s Gold Medal League for Collaboration Nations

Nominations for 2011 RSVP info

  • Kenya - Spain
  • OZ-NZ
  • India
  • Suspended for 3 years : USA for 2000s Least Colboration decade climaxed by wall street

Must do heck of a lot better by 2012 : UK


.My Favourite Chair

HEC model yunus uni - set up a social business chair with 4 people sitting in - one from a uni department; one with the pan-university remit to change the values MBA students leave with; one being yunus or equivalent storyteller and microfranchise owner of 2010s is last chance to bend curve back to sustanability (eg Ingrid); and one representing the country's commitment to employment/youth
once we have that chair, danone communities can show how a little bit of brand budget can stage 3000 live youth question times across your country's capital cities until many corporations get the message that partnering with social business is the both a more economical and social future of PR, as well as what leadership responsibilities they can now enjoy standing for- media can be changed to with 8 movie of  being a favourite movie of 3000 at Grand Rex in Feb 2010

we welcome reports of business schools owned by youthworldbanking - -Jamii Bora in Kenya is the premier benchmark being visited by over 2000 bank researchers april 2010 with leader-in-chief Spain's Queen Sofia who also hosts world microcreditsummit in 2011

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

will dc youth rise in time to make a microeconomics difference

zara my understanding as 4pm was a good time to meet your profs 
" looking forward to seeing you again. 4pm at Georgetown on Tuesday 4/13 is perfect."

I can of course stay on, or we can reconvene half way to alex aeound 6 or whatever time he chooses


there are a lot of possible agenda; as well as your own choices

1 I would like to map out how you cooriate up to 100 of yunus new book

2 I would like to know if anyone feels that 10/11 student clubs need an extended format to include yunus new passion; caitlin is probably the only us student tohave pioneered 09/10 yunus sb club; either before or after our meeting you could see wht sh can she with you on skype; similarly sofia, lesley, mamading have sneak previews of yunus book to loan in kenya

3 I have been told perhaps 5 times by sam that his each way bet (even if yunus spends less time  on microcredit) is to champiom kenyan youth microcredit and that queen sofia fully supports this; so in a way as soon as the kenya summit ends, research demanded by queen sofia becomes the focus of microcreditsummit for next 18 month

meanwhile londoncreativelabs sofia (the only open job creation SB innovated  out of a  big capital) and I  are trying to encourage every bangladeshi contact we have  made in 4 visits to Dhaka and moderating 1000 bookclub and 10000 dvd club ro  try and get them connecting not separating

4 Moreover in The Montfort Plan by Georgetown Spaniard Jaime you have a book that out text-books any if the race to end poverty is itself a pursuit that can yet be given an academic course

what some of us are missing is how much effort yunus wants to put into technology for the poor and transfering knowhow from the world's most resourced organisations to his grassroots franchises; at the limit as a media expert I agree with the direction he wants to take but not all of the personal relationship fights that have started of which the simplest is the loss of his co-founder dipal barua who did so much for energy at   these are times where we need to keep on cheering the great open stuff within microworld and not get bigged down by the occasional vanities Or closed shops

we also need to flatten barriers; I am not too interested in dc students if we cannot connect georegtown and GWU and RHS; thats not becsue of any lack on your part but I have to focus on what I can leverage - global ad agencies with 33 years of professional experience, I have nothing to sustain me just trying to transform your univesrities uneconomic ways of examining you on stuff that is at best irrelevant and in case of a lot fo mba curriculum the wall street problem not the solution -

I will be saying something a bit similar on monday to melissa even though she is one of the few heroines of mine in US academia; I am rather used to the role of being a stalking horse after which people pick up poeces and put them back together but this time micro up not macro down; and if you folk dont start that while obama is in power then that's your error more than mine

chris 24 hour hotline dc (usa=1) 301 881 1655

1:36 pm edt 

dear nazrul
I am sure that lisa and sam will be very busy but please try and check before or when they get to spain (probably around april 14-18) whether there are any diary overlaps for you to get updated on how to help them -that is howthe following can help them - yourself, the womens movement that got the UN to award Mrs Begum the prize, other spanish who spoke on the UN stage and so forth;
 the next 19 months spain becomes the joint world centre of how to summarise and link microcreditsummit knowledge for the future's sustainability - or at least that is how I see it given Queen Sofia's wishes and what I can map of other knowledge processes that are also collaboratively reforming their networks for 2010s greatest race (footnote)
chris macrae
as a maths guy who contracted to dr yunus to help with rumors of whats possible my only value multiplier is that where I dont have complete information I assess the most likely hypothesis; regarding microcreditsummit my hypothesis is it would not exist in its core form for multiplying goodwill and replicating actions around the networking world without Queen Sofia; if you disagree with this hypothesis please disregard this mail; if you agree please action this mail in any way you can

Yunus Wishes - 7 Ends and a 21st C Beginning page xxv

End Poverty & Systems that Crash or Trap

End carbon in our waters, air, food and machine's energies

End hunger

End premature death and ever higher cost of health

End wars and govs that spend 20% of the peoples on arms

End borders as barriers to webs of people mobilising productivity

End college-less children and universities without job creating microentrepreneurs

Start up a 21st C www where riches of global culture are available for all

pge xxv and xxv1

We have to believe in our wish list if we hope to make it come true. We'll have to create appropriate concepts, institutions, technologies, and policies to achieve our goals. The more impossible the goals look, the more exciting the task becomes. Fortunately, for us we have entered an age when dreams have the best chances to come true. We must organise the present to allow an easy entry into the future of our dreams. We must not let our past stand in our way.

If you were to ask me who has the best chance of coming closer to the realty of 2030, without pausing for a second I would say that the science fiction writers would be far closer than the expert analysts. The reason is very simple. Experts are paid to make forecasts on the basis of past and present, but events in the real world are driven by dreams of people

Help us linkin more info (and reduce degrees of separation) on the greatest race at
11:29 am edt 

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